The elusive coin!

The more people that look for Cryptographic Anomalies, the harder it is to find! As new Scrypt ASIC come out, CGA will just become more elusive, making it more and more valuable. Over time CGA could become one of the most elusive mined coin.

Amazing investment!

Because of the nature of Cryptographic Anomaly, CGA is a great investment built around growing technologies. CGA embraces the coming wave of technology by letting new technologies help push CGA further into history. CGA uses real world events to determine how many coins come into circulation.

Mineable for generations!

No more than 259,200 CGA will be mined per year, that means you wont see more than 25,920,000 CGA in a "lifetime" (if you were born today and lived to be 100)! With a max of 10 billion, CGA will be mined for over 38 thousand years. This will make CGA the longest mined coin in history! Your children's great grand children will mine CGA!

Extended integration!

Cryptographic Anomaly is being worked into a new MMORPG called 1BillionHex! The game will allow you to potentially accumulate income through the game using crypto coins. CGA, along with 3 other coins, will be a crucial part of the game. CGA will be used for everything from buying supplies, to buying moons. Parts of the game will be directly effected by the blockchain of the crypto coins in use.

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The Basics

Cryptographic Anomaly (CGA) is a digital currency. It uses a peer to peer network to decentralize and verify transactions between two people. Coins are "minted" by "mining" using a computer or specialized hardware to encrypt and verify transactions on the network. Cryptographic Anomaly is based on Litecoin, itself a "lite" version of Bitcoin, using scrypt as its proof-of-work algorithm.

Cryptographic Anomaly, known also as the "elusive" coin, it uses the current demand to determine how many coins should come into existence.

Because of its innovative algorithm, as the coin gains popularity the rate that coins come into circulation will decrease. Cryptographic Anomaly is designed such that as popularity increases, the supply of new coins decreases, pushing the value of the coin to mathematically increase.

Using basic math we can determine just how many Cryptographic Anomalies "could" come into existence. One could find the "floor" (the max rate of inflation) but will not be able to determine the "ceiling" (max rate of deflation) at any given time in the future. This creates an amazing investment opportunity, allowing you to know the max rate that the currency can be inflated.

More Details
Block Reward: 1/diff (unless diff is < 3; then 1/3 CGA)
Bonus Block: if diff > 3 and (block# % diff) < 0.25; then reward = 1 CGA
Block Time: 40 seconds
Difficulty Refresh: 80 seconds/2 blocks
Max Anomalies: 10 Billion

Cryptographic Anomaly is a crypto-coin that uses a unique block reward algorithm. The block reward is directly effected by the current difficulty. If the difficulty is below 3 then the block reward will be 0.33333333. If the difficulty is above 3 then the algorithm uses the modulo operation to find the remainder of the block number divided by the difficulty. If the remainder falls between 0.25 and 0 then an Anomaly is born, making a bonus block that is worth 1 CGA for that block. If the remainder doesn't fall between 0.25 and 0 then the block reward is 1 divided by the current difficulty.

What this does is as the difficulty increases (from a higher network hash rate due to increased popularity/demand) the amount of anomalies that are being generated decreases. At any given time the probability of 1 CGA coming into existence is, more or less, 1/difficulty (unless the difficulty is 3 or below, then probability is 1/3). The probability of generating a bonus block is (1/diff) * 1/4.

To calculate the probability of how often, yourself (solo-mining) or a pool, will generate 1 CGA you would need to factor in your (or pools) hash-rate. First you need to find the probability of generating an anomaly at any given time (1/difficulty). Then you need to find the probability of you or your pool solving a block (your hash-rate/ network hash-rate). Now multiply those two probabilities together to get your personal probability of generating an anomaly.

Example:(1/4) * (10,000,000/200,000,000) = 1/80; So if the difficulty is 4, the network hash rate is 200Mb and your hash rate is 10Mb you should generate 1 CGA out of every 80 blocks, which would take about 53.33 minutes (that is if all variables stay stagnent during those 80 blocks).

To find the probability of generating a bonus block, all you need to do is multiply your probability for generating 1 CGA by 1/4.
Example: If your probability of generating 1 CGA is 1/80 then probability of generating a bonus block is 1/320 or 1 out of 320 blocks.

Find the maximum amount of CGA (if diff < 3) to come into existence (not counting bonus blocks):
1 month(30days) = 2,592,000 sec
2,592,000 sec / 40 sec blocks = 64,800 blocks per month
64,800 blocks per month x .33333333 per block = 21,599.999784 CGA per month
21,599.999784 CGA per month x 12 = 259,199.997408 CGA per year
100 years (if you live to 100) x 259,199.997408 CGA per year = 25,919,999.7408 CGA in a "lifetime"
This makes CGA the longest "minable" coin that does not half, and can be considered a "rare coin". What this means is that CGA will be profitable to mine for generations to come. Your children's children's children's children will be getting the same block rewards you are getting now.

Minimum amount of time to "mine out" CGA:
10 Billion CGA / 259,199.997408 CGA per year = 38,580.2472993827 years

Here is an excel spread sheet that does the math for you:

The actual C++ block reward algorithm can be found here.

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1BillionHex is a trading, exploration, building and combat on-line multi-player game that uses crypto coins as its in game currency. It is considered to be a MMORPG but is much more. The game is an entire galaxy within its self, stars with solar flares, planets with different topography, moons, and space pirates included. You can read more about this amazing game that is currently in production here, watch this teaser, or join in on the conversations at the forum.

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